• XT-3520 High speed square/flat bottle double sides labeling machine
  • XT-2LB Powder-filling Machine
  • XT-180 Automatic dust/ liquid bag making 4/3 sides sealing and filling machine
  • PM-100A Page separating labeling machine for thin prduct like paper
  • XT-4510 Box diagonal sealing labeling machine
  • XT-3520B Three-label Labeling Machine
  • XT-80 Glue labeling machine for individual paper label
  • XT-50A Semi-automatic upside labeling machine
  • XT-80A Glue labeling machine for two labels round bottle
  • XT-50 Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine
  • XT-2610 Horizontal labeling machine for small round bottles
  • XT-2510 Automatic round bottles labeling machine
  • XT-3510 Square/flat bottle double sides labeling machine
  • XT-SJC216Rail-mounted Electronic Granule-counting Machine
  • XT-610 Series of Two-rail High-speed Cap-screwing and filling machines
  • XT-618 Series of Liquid Plug-putting and Filling Machines
  • XT-FX6 Type rotary capping machine
  • 1L-5L automatic liquid filling machine production line
  • XT-YK1500E Twining Packaging machine
About us

Established in 2005, Shanghai Xiaoteng Machanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of packaging machineries including filling machine, caping machine, labeling machine and packaging machine. We specialized in packaging machinery researching, developing, maintenance and service, our products had been exported to Europe and America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa...

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