XT-2LB Powder-filling Machine




This all-in-one machine researched and developed on request of oversea customers integrates powder-filling and cap-putting functions. It can perform filling, cap-putting and cap-pressing (cap - screwing) functions. It has compact structure and is easy to operate.

This machine is appropriate to fill bottles, tins and boxes with powder and fine granule product, such as milk powder, albumen powder, coffee, glucose, solid medicine, talcum powder, dyestuff, flavors and fragrances.

Main performance and features:

1、The whole machine adopts servo, index plate positioning system, touch panels it increases the packing  precision and speed. We can design it to be single head or double head according to the packing requirements of the clients.

2、The whole machine is designed appropriately. It is convenient for changing different kinds of packing products and cleaning.
3、Adopting touch panel. Working condition, operation instructions can be seen in both Chinese and English. Simply and intuition. Packing weight can be adjusted; operation manner can be transformed arbitrarily. It will give an alarm when meeting malfunction.

4、Controlling part adopts PLC. Anti-interference, working smoothly.
5、Filling adopts servo drive ,accurate, high precision, long operating life, Its speed can be set. Tiring adopts Taiwan maintenance-free motor.

6、Replace screw attachments, it is suitable for the packing of products from fine particle to ultrafine powder materials. We can add aspiration and vibration devices according to different kinds of materials.
7、Various products formulation parameters can be stored, can be called up anytime
8、The model is made in according with national GMP,QS health certification requirements.



Technology parameters




Form of measurement

screw rotation filling

Filling weight

3-500g (with replacing screw accessories)

Packaging speed

15-30 bottles/ min. (single-nozzle)

20-60 bottles/ min. (double-nozzle)

Packaging accuracy


Power supply

220V 50HZ

Total power

1.5KW(single-nozzle)/2.0 KW(double-nozzle)

Boundary dimension




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